Monday, 20 June 2011

A Look At The QBs Who Could Be Available

Once the NFL season starts again there will be several teams looking for a starting Quarterback. Here is a look at some of the best QBs who will and could be available.

Those Who Are Available

Vince Young: Someone will take Vince Young along with his soft work ethic and fragile ego. He has talent and knows how to play. At this point he would make a decent backup as you would not want him to be the main guy on your team.

Alex Smith: Truly a good-but-not-great QB. He has suffered in a bad situation in San Fransisco who seem to change offensive coordinators every few months or so. He could work out well for a team that can offer him some stability.

Matt Hasselbeck:  Hard to believe Seattle wants to get rid of him. Though, he is old and injury prone, not a good combination. Could be a dangerous pick-up as it would probably not take much for Hasselbeck to miss a lot of time.

Could Be Available

Carson Palmer: In my estimation probably the best QB a team could pick up. A lot of people will mention Kyle Orton or Kevin Kolb, but they do not have the talent or track record Palmer has. It is true that his performance has not been the best lately. Though, he has been playing for the Bengals so I am giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Kevin Kolb: A guy the Eagles should not want to get rid of. With the way Mike Vick plays it is almost inevitable he will get hurt. So you will want to have a good backup on the roster. Also, how much longer will Vick be there. He only signed a one year deal. Do not be shocked if the Eagles elect to hold onto Kolb.

Kyle Orton: Much Like Kolb, do not be shocked if the Broncos decide to hold onto him. From the outside looking in it would seem obvious they would try and move him. Orton is coming up on the final year of his deal and they have Tim Tebow waiting. It would have to be a sweet deal to get Denver to part with Orton though. Tebow is probably not ready to take over. Plus, the current management, which changed since last season, are not the ones who took Tebow. So they will not feel the need to try and force the issue with him.


  1. I see Hass and Smith staying with their teams, the wild card is Vince Young. Does a team do like the Texans did with Leinart and sign him for cheap and have him ride the pine? Or does someone give him a legit chance. It'd be interesting if the Hawks opted to ditch Hass for Young, especially if Carroll is still reeling from the way that Young destroyed USC.

  2. I agree with braumaman, that Hasselbeck will probably stay in Seattle. But, I think it is time for the Seahawks to think about a new QB.

  3. I don't really see Hasselbeck leaving Seattle. This lockout crap better be resolved soon, I need my football!

  4. vince young is definitely going to be good

  5. A bunch of scraps besides Kolb. I think he ends up in Arizona.

  6. This is all IF the season ever starts... And I agree on Young being a decent backup.

  7. i want do learn futboll:((

  8. I'd go with Kolb. I figure Palmer has another good year left to prove himself before becoming Kerry Collins. I don't know what to think of Vince Young... 'roid him up and put him at tight end maybe?