Friday, 3 June 2011

First Round QBs vs. Middle Round QBs

If you follow the NFL draft as I do you no doubt saw a lot of coverage on a lot of QBs. There was a lot of excitement around the mid-round QBs. A lot of commentators like to advise against taking a first round QB. They tell us teams are better off taking a "safe" pick to fill a need in the first round and go for a developmental pick in the second or third round. After all, you do not want to end up with the next Ryan Leaf or JaMarcus Russell. Are you really better off though, waiting until the second or third round to get your franchise QB?

The Dolphin's thought they were. That is why they passed up Matt Ryan for the "safe" pick of Jake Long. In the second round that year the Dolphins selected Chad Henne to be their future franchise QB. Now Jake Long is an excellent left tackle who could have a hall of fame career. But Dolphin Fan, do you really think you are better off with Long and Henne over Matt Ryan?

The reality is that 19 of 32 teams have a starting QB who was taken in the first round of the draft (I am counting Drew Brees as a first round QB. He was taken with the first pick of the second round.)

How many mid-round starters are there? Well, six. Schaub is the only real star out of the group. Orton is a solid QB. McCoy and Clausen were rookies who ended up starting. Clausen, along with Garrard are set to be replaced by incoming rookies. Henne, well, he will probably be replaced. And none of of the these players has been to a Super Bowl. The remaining teams have starting QBs who were either late picks or undrafted.

In conclusion. QB is far too important a position to pass up on a first rounder. Where would the Colts be if they passed on Peyton Manning for a "Safer" pick?


  1. Would you start a rookie QB or let him sit and watch

  2. I would always let him watch. I still think there is a lot they can learn watching.

  3. there are many interesting choices