Thursday, 2 June 2011

NFL Lockout Coverage -- Shows How Pathetic We Can Be

I have seen it before. Watching the Canadian sports media cover the NHL lockout. Every day for the year-long lockout they covered negotiations. Looking for something to cling to. Something to give them hope. It got really pathetic. It reminded me of the vagrents who scavenge in the ash trays behind my work. Desperately looking for good sized butts they can get a few puffs off of. I fear we can be in for the same type of coverage of the NFL lockout.

The NFL lockout probably will not be as long. NFL owners are not as desperate as the NHL owners were. Still though, barring several 'NFLPA friendly' court decisions, this lockout will not end soon. We are looking at late Auguest at the very least. Both sides have dug their heels in. There will not be any incentive to move until the scheduled start of the regular season. Even still, starts can be delayed. With a long offseason it would not hurt the NFL much to delay the season a few months and keep their 16 game schedule.

So, as hard as it is, try and resist the urge. The urge to watch lockout coverage while hoping that some sort of progress is made. Instead, we should ask them to tell us when they are ready to start playing again and ignore them until that point.


  1. I want replacement players! I not saying players should lick the owners balls. But, they have to realize that the days of owners buying NFL franchises as 'status symbols' are over. It's a 365 day a year 'for-profit' business now. The smart players know that and maximize the earning potential the NFL provides them.
    This dispute will be settle before the end of June. There is NOTHING to be gained by either side. At the very least, they're agree to a salary cap for rookies and run on the old agreement. That's my guess.

  2. Screw replacement players, I don't want to watch a bunch of He Hate Me's and Kurt Warner's fumbling around the field.

  3. I am with Taylor. If the NFL can't get it going I would rather the NCAA start running games on Sundays.

  4. They clearly don't make enough millions. :)