Friday, 17 June 2011

Stay Classy Vancouver

Unless you have been living under a rock you know what I am talking about in my title. The story of the Vancouver riots has made news all over the world. In case you have been under a rock you can read this link to catch up:
What makes the riots so shocking is the reason for them. When I was a kid Los Angeles rioted over the verdict in the first Rodney King trial. Years of  of pent-up frustration with police racism and brutality exploded on the streets. Over the last few months there have been riots in various totalitarian countries for freedom. Vancouver though, rioted because their hockey team lost the championship game. Not just any riot either. A riot that would impress the most hard-core soccer hooligan.

What were they thinking?

We live in an age where there are eyes everywhere. Not just eyes, recording devices also. Even though Canada does not have CCTV everywhere like many European there are still recording devices everywhere. Now, a large percentage of our population have camera phones they carry with them everywhere. Do they think no one will notice when they walk up to a car and set it on fire? Do they think the judge will believe them when they say they felt bad about it, or did not mean to do it, after watching a video of them pumping their arm's in the air with pride.

Last summer there were some people who engaged in violence and vandalism during the protests of the G20 summit in Toronto. The Toronto Police were able to identify many of the guilty people by publishing pictures on their website and in every Toronto media outlet. Expect the Vancouver Police to do the same as it was very successful in Toronto. And we can expect the non-rioting citizens of Vancouver to be very helpful with the police bring to justice the fools who destroyed and embarrassed their beautiful city.

Overshadowed by all this mess in Vancouver is the story of the Boston Bruins. A proud 'Original Six' team who had not won the Stanley Cup in over 30 years. No, Vancouver managed to grab the headlines.


  1. im sure the rioters already regret doing it

  2. People need to practice self-control. They're going to end up ruining it for everyone else.

  3. We don't know how to celebrate winning and we don't know how to deal with losing. Why so judgmental?
    Vancouver is now added to 'shit list' of sports faux pas offenders. "Thou people shall not burn, rape and pillage after winning or losing a major sports championships.'
    The 'cherry' has been broken. Ultimately, it'll make better fans. Fans that won't sit on their asses for over 40 years, and counting, between Championships.

  4. i dont know if this is going to work this way, we need less violence

  5. ...loosing is part of the game too

  6. Rioting because you lost seems more plausible to me than rioting because you won, never really understood setting cars on fire and people getting stabbed because your team is the best of the best. Mass hysteria perhaps? So happy you go insane? I'd love to be that happy.

  7. People are retarded, it probably would have been worse if they won :/